Thank you from your winner – Ross!

First off I’d like to thank everybody who voted for me over the two weeks of absolute madness that was I’m A Scientist, Get Me Out Of Here! I’m dead chuffed to have won and am incredibly grateful to have been placed in a zone that was full of such amazing scientists – I’ve learned a lot about brains, bones, boats and metals from Robert, Hussain, Gemma and Aimee!

Massive congratulations also to the moderators and organisers of the event – without them we couldn’t have done any of this and I hope I’m a Scientist continues to have great success in the future, it really is a fantastic competition.

I was a bit nervous in the run-up to the event because I thought it was going to be so difficult juggling my time in the lab and devoting some time to answering questions and participating in live chats. With some careful organisation, however, things worked out to be amazing – as soon as the questions started pouring in, I just wanted to answer more!

What was so astounding was the range of questions that were asked of all of us – it is so clear that the students who took part were interested in such broad areas of science and keen to understand what the life of a scientist is like. I hope you all learned as much as I did – I knew very little about space before I’m a Scientist and now I feel like an expert! Also huge thanks to students asking if a balloon can be inflated by a fart – I am now making this a research priority 😉

There’s a big hole in my schedule now that the event has finished, but I’m throwing myself back into the lab with high spirits. I’m going to continue spreading the good word of STEM in a few different ways and the prize money will allow me to do this, hopefully by speaking to a scientifically and socially diverse range of young scientists to find out what gets them out of bed in the morning and why.

A final huge thank you to everyone involved in this project – students, scientists and mods, for making the past two weeks such an enjoyable time.


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  1. hussainjaffery says:

    Congratulations, Ross! It was a pleasure chatting with you, the students, the rest of the scientists and everyone involved.

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